Anchor Family Vase Lamp Tall

Anchor Family Vase Lamp Tall 11.75″. Give this in memory of loved one or other occasion. Free gift wrap and customized card. Ship to entire U.S.


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This Anchor Family Vase Lamp Tall is hand painted on a white crackled glass vase. A nicely designed blue anchor is prominently displayed on the front. “Let Family Be Your Anchor” is also inscribed in blue around the anchor.  A painted brown rope coils around the anchor and real rope encircles the bottom of this lit vase. You light this accent lamp by plugging it directly into the outlet. Lighting comes from a miniature light set coiled inside this gift of light and has 10 bulbs. There are 4 replacement bulbs included. For your utmost safety, there is a 3 Amp, 125 Volt fuse in the plug, with an extra included. The anchor is a symbol of stability and security. This Anchor Family Vase Lamp Tall makes a perfect memory lamp gift for those who love the sea.

Maximum wattage: 12 Volt, 0.96 Watt LED 

Measurements: 4″(L) x 4″(W) x 11.75″(H)

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Weight2.4 lbs
Dimensions15 × 7 × 7 in


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