Dragonfly Hanginghead Multi-Color Accent Lamp

Hanginghead Dragonfly multi-color stained glass accent memory lamp.


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This Dragonfly Hanginghead multi-color accent lamp is modeled after the original hanginghead dragonfly by Louis C. Tiffany. Each piece of glass on this memory lamp shade has been individually hand cut and wrapped in copper foil and carefully soldered together. Louis Comfort Tiffany pioneered this method so many years ago, and it is still followed today. Diving dragonflies adorned with scarlet cabachon jeweled eyes and intricate metal filigree wings are surrounded by varying shades of orange, blue and purple. The nicely designed base on this finely crafted lamp is finished in medium mahogany with light mahogany highlights. The footprint on this classic creation is small, which means it will fit just about anywhere. Consider giving this beautiful lamp in lieu of flowers, you will not regret it and the recipients will have a gift which will last a lifetime!

Maximum Wattage: 25 (25 watt type “B” bulb included)

Dimensions: 6″(W) x 12″(H)

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Weight3.4 lbs
Dimensions10 × 9 × 7 in


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