Hummingbirds Hydrangeas Vase Lamp

Hummingbirds Hydrangeas Vase Lamp hand painted on white crackled glass. Free gift wrap and occasion card included. Ship entire U.S.


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Our Hummingbirds Hydrangeas Vase Lamp portrays a playful scene of these birds hovering above and feeding from the flowers. Green, blues and purples abound on a background of white crackled glass. This gift of light can be given in memory of a loved one or a special occasion. Lighting comes from a miniature light set coiled inside this gift of light and has 9 bulbs. There are 3 replacement bulbs included with this Hummingbirds Hydrangeas Vase Lamp. For your utmost safety, there is a 3 Amp, 125 Volt fuse in the plug, with an extra included.

Maximum wattage: 12 Volt, 0.96 Watt LED

Measurements: 4.25″(W) x 7″(H)

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Weight1.9 lbs
Dimensions10 × 8 × 7 in


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