Lighthouse Accent Lamp

Blue and White Lighthouse stained glass lamp.


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This Lighthouse Accent Lamp is created from hand cut blue and white stained glass. The blue stained glass is not flat. It has waves you can see and also feel with your touch. It’s like looking into the ocean and seeing gentle blue ripples. Whether intended or not, a very nice effect. The lantern room on top is surrounded by the traditional black metal railing. The hexagon base is wide and provides great stability.This gift of light can be given in memory of a special person or to celebrate one of life’s many special occasions. A perfect gift for sea lovers.

Maximum wattage: 15 (bulb included)

Dimensions: 5″(W) x 10.4″(H)

Additional information

Weight2.9 lbs
Dimensions15 × 9 × 8 in


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