Lithophane Butterfly Colored Accent Lamp

Lithophane Colored Butterfly Accent Lamp handmade in the USA. Unusual and special, this Victorian style memory lamp will be a cherished gift to last a lifetime in memory of a loved or in celebration of a special occasion.


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This Lithophane Butterfly Colored Accent Lamp is crafted from a thin translucent panel. This process has been revived from a lost art from the 1800’s. The butterfly is first carved out of translucent wax. A plaster mold is then taken and a fine porcelain clay is placed into it. The porcelain is then kiln fired at 2300 degrees fahrenheit to achieve it’s translucency and durability. For the colors, a ceramic pigment is then applied to the back of the panel. It is then fired again to fuse the color to the panel. When lit from behind, this memory lamp portrays a highly detailed image on the front. The image takes on a 3 dimensional quality and is of photographic quality. The Victorian designed base and frame is made of metal with an antique silver finish. This Lithophane Butterfly Colored Accent lamp will be a valued gift in remembrance of a loved one or special occasion.

Maximum wattage: 25 (type “B” bulb included)

Measurements: 4.5″(W) x 9.25″(H)

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Weight 2.8 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 7 in


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