Lily and Tulip Shades Replacements

Lily and Tulip Shades assorted colors.




Lily and Tulip shade replacements in a variety of colors. These shades come in mercury and satin finish. Dust only with dry clean cloth.

Lily Shade Dimensions            Tulip Shade Dimensions

5.75″ to 6″ high                       4″ high
4 1/2″ wide                              4 1/2″ wide
1 1/2″ base round                    2 1/4″ round bottom

Additional information

Weight1.3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 8 × 7 in
Lily and Tulip Shade Color

Red Mercury Lily, Purple/Green Mercury Lily, Pink Mercury Lily, Orange Mercury Lily, Gold Mercury Lily, Teal/Silver Mercury Lily, Purple Mercury Lily, Teal Mercury Lily, Amber/Green Satin Lily, Rust Satin Lily, Teal White Satin Lily, Peach/White Satin Lily, Blue/White Satin Lily, Purple/Blue Satin Lily, Pink/White Satin Lily, Magenta/Blue Satin Lily, Blue/White Satin Tulip, Pink/White Satin Tulip, Green/Amber Satin Tulip, Purple/Blue Satin Tulip, White Satin Tulip, Peach/White Satin Tulip


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